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The Great Concert


Lp (quadraphonic): CBS/Sony SOPN 70 (abridged, 12 tracks)
Lp (stereo): CBS/Sony 40AP 308~9 (2-Lp set)

About This Album

Percy Faith In ConcertRecorded live at Kosei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo, May 19, 1974.
Engineer: Kenichi Handa

Cover Photography (SOPN 70): Kenji Miura
Cover Photography (40AP 308~9): Keiichi Toyoizumi
Design: Shuichi Yoshida
CBS/Sony Production Director: Shiro Ono

Special thanks to Minshu Ongaku Kyokai

The gatefold cover (40AP 308~9) includes many color photographs of Percy Faith. The insert includes B&W photos and notes in Japanese. My copy of the insert includes a Percy Faith timeline (1908-1976), prepared after Percy Faith's death.

All the copies of the 2-Lp set I've seen show a 1977 copyright date on the cover and on the record label for songs not included in "In Concert," leading me to believe that this was a posthumous release and tribute to Percy Faith.

Liner notes

In Percy's handwriting:

The orchestra and I enjoyed the experience of recording this concert "live" at Kosei Nenkin Hall in Tokyo on May 19, 1974.

Percy Faith