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About Percy Faith

Information about Percy Faith (April 7, 1908 – February 9, 1976) can be found in the liner notes of many of his albums (e.g. Percy Faith's All-Time Greatest Hits) as well as Wikipedia.

Someday – perhaps after I retire – I'll write a brief bio of Percy Faith for the site.

Any Questions or requests regarding rights, manuscripts, etc. should be directed to

About This Site

This site is intended to supplement two other great Percy Faith sites: Bill Halvorsen's Percy Faith Pages as well as The Percy Faith Discography, compiled by the late Alan Bunting.

Bill's site is primarily commentary and a collection of great resources about Percy Faith. Bill met Percy back in the 1970s, visited his home in the 1990s and regularly corresponded with Percy's daughter Marilyn. Bill's site also hosts rare taudio and video files.

Alan's site contains a very comprehensive discography of all of Percy Faith's recorded works. The static pages are organized mostly alphabetically.

This site was created in October 2015 and creates a more dynamic discography that includes YouTube videos of more than 800 Percy Faith recordings. I initially used Percy's own Complete Album List (hosted on Bill's site) to create a chronological discography, added recording dates from Alan's sites plus liner notes and photos from the original albums.

As of November 2017, it remains a work-in-progress. There are still items from Alan's site that do not appear here.

About Doug

My musical interests lie mainly with Billboard Top 40 hits from the 1950s through the 1980s. In the late 1970s, I became fascinated with the big-band sound of Ray Conniff's early instrumental records.

I experimented with a Percy Faith album in the late 1980s but it wasn't until Collectables began reissuing Faith titles in the late 1990s that I became a "fan." I've since acquired nearly every Percy Faith recording ever made. My main interest is in his early stereo recordings from 1957 through 1966.

About Technology

I met Richard Stallman in 1984 and learned of his newly launched GNU Project. He was a panel participant at Wang Institute's Distinguished Lecturer Series representing very unusual, and controversial, ideas regarding the problems of software piracy and licensing. He thought everything should be free; I thought he was nuts.

Today I can't imagine working without free tools and have fully embraced open source software. All of the software used to host this site is free:

  • Linux, a Unix-like operating system
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • PHP, a server-side scripting language
  • GIT, a source code management system
  • MySQL, a relational database management system
  • Drupal, a content management framework

The only cost for this site – besides my time – is for hosting. However, thanks to cloud computing, I don't have to pay much.