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Percy Faith audio recordings from YouTube

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Record Datesort descending Title Album
1950-07-14 All My Love Amour, Amor, Amore
1950-08-04 The Cardinal Is Waving—Stanford University Football Songs
1950-08-04 On, Brave Old Army Team!—U.S. Military Academy Football Songs
1950-08-04 Anchors Aweigh—U.S. Naval Academy Football Songs
1950-08-04 Far Above Cayuga's Waters—Cornell University Football Songs
1950-08-04 Fight On, Pennsylvania—University of Pensylvania Football Songs
1950-08-04 The Olive And The Blue—Tulane University Football Songs
1950-08-04 Yea Alabama!—University of Alabama Football Songs
1950-08-04 Ramblin' Wreck From Georgia—Georgia Institute of Technology Football Songs
1950-08-04 The Eyes Of Texas—University Of Texas Football Songs
1950-08-04 The Victory March—University of Notre Dame Football Songs
1950-08-04 On, Wisconsin!—University of Wisconsin Football Songs
1950-08-04 The Victors—University of Michegan Football Songs
1950-08-04 Iowa Corn Song—University of Iowa Football Songs
1950-08-04 Fight For California—University of California Football Songs
1950-08-04 Fight On—University of Southern California Football Songs
1950-08-04 Fight Song—St. Mary's College Football Songs
1950-12-20 The Loveliest Night Of The Year Music From Hollywood [extended]
1951-02-14 Carousel Waltz American Waltzes
1951-02-14 Valse Huguette American Waltzes
1951-02-15 The Girl That I Marry American Waltzes
1951-02-15 Waltz In Swing Time American Waltzes
1951-02-21 I'll Take Romance American Waltzes
1951-02-21 A Kiss In The Dark American Waltzes
1951-02-21 While We're Young American Waltzes
1951-02-21 When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love American Waltzes
1951-03-22 Nervous Gavotte Carefree Rhythms
1951-03-22 The Hot Canary Carefree Rhythms
1951-03-22 The Syncopated Clock Carefree Rhythms
1951-05-11 March Of The Siamese Children Carefree Rhythms
1951-05-11 Fiddle Derby Carefree Rhythms
1951-07-27 When The Saints Go Marching In Touchdown!
1951-09-05 If I Loved You Percy Faith Plays Romantic Music
1951-09-25 Dizzy Fingers Carefree Rhythms
1951-11-30 Kitten On The Keys Carefree Rhythms
1951-11-30 Easy To Love Percy Faith Plays Romantic Music
1952-01-11 Carefree Carefree Rhythms
1952-01-11 Invitation Percy Faith Plays Romantic Music
1952-03-04 Ching Ching-A-Ling Delicado
1952-03-04 Delicado Delicado
1952-05-06 Jungle Fantasy Delicado
1952-05-06 Wow! Wow! Wow! Delicado
1952-05-06 Jamaican Rhumba Delicado
1952-05-06 Enlloro (Voodoo Moon) Delicado
1952-05-09 Caribbean Night (Noche Caribe) Delicado
1952-05-09 Oye Negra Delicado
1952-05-09 The Minute Samba Delicado
1952-05-09 Cu-Tu-Gu-Ru (Jack! Jack! Jack!) Delicado
1952-07-09 Amorada (Brasileirinho) Amour, Amor, Amore
1952-07-09 Funny Fellow (Bicharada) Delicado