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  1. Mr. Touchdown, U.S.A.
  2. On, Brave Old Army Team!—U.S. Military Academy
  3. Anchors Aweigh—U.S. Naval Academy
  4. Far Above Cayuga's Waters—Cornell University
  5. Fight On, Pennsylvania—University of Pensylvania
  6. The Olive And The Blue—Tulane University
  7. Yea Alabama!—University of Alabama
  8. Ramblin' Wreck From Georgia—Georgia Institute of Technology
  9. The Eyes Of Texas—University Of Texas
  10. Collegiate
  11. The Victory March—University of Notre Dame
  12. On, Wisconsin!—University of Wisconsin
  13. The Victors—University of Michegan
  14. Iowa Corn Song—University of Iowa
  15. Fight For California—University of California
  16. Fight On—University of Southern California
  17. Fight Song—St. Mary's College
  18. The Cardinal Is Waving—Stanford University
  19. When The Saints Go Marching In


Lp: Columbia CL 1182 (USA)
CD: Taragon TARCD-1105 (USA)

About This Album

Tracks 1, 10, 19: Originally released on Columbia CL1182 in 1958
Tracks 2-9, 11-18: Originally released on Columbia CL6148 in 1950

Track 10 was recorded in 1951 and released on a single (Columbia 4-39528)