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Today's Themes For Young Lovers


CD: Sony (USA)

About This Album

This disc is available from Amazon and eBay. The packaging shows a 2013 copyright. As of 3/28/2020, the product image displayed is for Themes For Young Lovers, not Today's Themes For Young Lovers.

Amazon sells this single-album disc for $11.98; the Collectables 2-on-1 featuring Today's Themes For Young Lovers / For Those In Love for $11.29 and features liner notes and other details. Obviously, I would recommend buying the Collectables reissue in favor of this one.

Doug's comments

The sealed disc does appear to be an actual CD rather than a CD-R produced on demand. It has Sony markings but no photos, credits, or liner notes. There is no catalog number on the spine, leaflet or CD, only a UPC code. I have no idea whether it is a legitimate product or a bootleg.