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The Real... Percy Faith

About This Album

Released in Europe, April 2016.

Doug's comments

This 46 track is a great value for the casual fan. I paid US $12 which amounts to about 26 cents per song. Unlike many of the “unofficial” European compilations, the sound quality is good. It appears that Sony used the same digital transfers as was used on USA compact disc reissues.

I only wish that the track selection was more balanced. Percy Faith recorded more than 70 original albums during his 25 years at Columbia yet this set includes 10 tracks from Music Of Brazil, 6 from Latin Themes for Young Lovers, and 5 from More Themes From Young Lovers. Many great albums were completely overlooked.

What Sony could have done to make this set more desirable to "hard core" fans would have been to include a few tracks that haven’t yet made it to CD. The re-recordings of “Swedish Rhapsody” and “Show Me” (from Percy Faith’s All-Time Greatest Hits) would be welcome additions. Alan Bunting’s discography also shows many Percy Faith tracks that remain unissued such as “Delicado” (1975, HCO 123955), “El Cumbanchero” (1966, HCO 87787). “Get It (While The Getting's Good)” (1974. HCO 119679) and “Who Will I Be Loving Now?” (1974, HCO 119678).