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Percy Faith guest conductor on The Andre Kostelanetz Show

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Submitted by Doug Mitchell on Sat, 2022-01-15 20:24

The Andre Kostelanetz Show featuring Eleanor Steber and Percy FaithMany years ago, I purchased this compact disc of The Andre Kostelanetz Show with Eleanor Steber and guest conductor Percy Faith. The programs were broadcast on May 21, 1944 and August 13, 1944 for the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS). The CD was released by Nostalgia Company (CD-2041).

These programs (and many others) are available for free download at Old Time Radio Researchers Group. They no longer have direct links to the programs. Click the Eleanor Steber programs listed on the following dates and you can play or download the program:

May 21, 1944 August 13, 1944
  1. You and the Night and the Music
  2. All The Things You Are (with Eleanor Steber)
  3. This is a Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
  4. Holiday for Strings
  5. Over the Rainbow (with chorus)
  6. Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year
  7. I'll See You Again & Someday I'll Find You (with Eleanor Steber and Felix Knight)
  1. Out of My Dreams (from "Oklahoma!")
  2. My Hero (with Eleanor Steber)
  3. El Rancho Grande & La Cumparsita & La Cucaracha
  4. By The Waters Of The Minnetonka (with chorus)
  5. It Could Happen to You
  6. You and the Night and the Music
  7. Swanee River (with chorus) & Oh! Susanna & My Old Kentucky Home (with Eleanor Steber)