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Leaving On A Jet Plane


Lp (stereo): Columbia CS 9983 (USA)
CD: Collectables COL-CD-7607 (2-on-1 with Held Over! Today's Great Movie Themes) (USA)

About This Album

Produced by Irving Townsend
"Let Go" and "Colours" produced by Jack Gold
Arranged and Conducted by Percy Faith

Engineering: Jack Lattig
Front cover photo: Brian Hennessey
Back cover photos: Yoran Kahana

Liner notes

When attendance of recordings sessions becomes part of the everyday routine, it’s easy to take what you hear for granted. In a week’s time a regular session-goer can easily become jaded, become accustomed to hearing fine performances from fine musicians and vocalists.

The evening of December 2, 1969, at the Columbia Records studios in Los Angeles, I must admit, turned this “regular session-goer” into a believer again. After ten years of sessions, I was at that very first session again; as impressed as the first time I saw live musicians and singers recording. (I’m afraid that I had nearly forgotten the feeling.) That’s what a Percy Faith session does to you: The brilliance of the strings and the richness of the chorus transport even the most jaded listener into that too infrequently visited land of spectacular sound. Whether your bad is contemporary music or tends to lean toward the more pop items, there is something for you here: two movies (Ballad Of Easy Rider, and Everybody’s Talkin’ from “Midnight Cowboy”) and nine of the biggest of today’s hits.

You won’t hear Percy playing an instrument on this album (in spite of the fact that he’s a fine pianist). What you will hear is Percy playing thirty-five musicians and a chorus of sixteen.

The next session beings whenever you like, and the nice part is that Percy’s next session can be wherever you play it.

Enjoy, Bil Keane