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Percy Faith audio recordings from YouTube

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Record Datesort ascending Title Album
1974-05-19 Hill Where The Lord Hides Percy Faith In Concert
1974-05-19 Tara's Theme Percy Faith In Concert
1974-05-19 Bossa Nova Medley: Corcovado/Wave/Atrevido The Great Concert
1974-05-19 The Way We Were Percy Faith In Concert
1974-05-19 Enter The Dragon Percy Faith In Concert
1974-05-19 Killing Me Softly With Her Song The Great Concert
1974-05-19 Crunchy Granola Suite The Great Concert
1974-05-19 Mexican Medley: Mucho Gusto/Guadalajara/Mexican Hat Dance Percy Faith In Concert
1974-05-19 The Windmills Of Your Mind The Great Concert
1974-05-19 Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001) Percy Faith In Concert
1974-05-19 Theme From "A Summer Place" Percy Faith In Concert
1974-04-16/17 Deep In The Morning The Entertainer
1974-04-16/17 Fifth Movement (Tabular Bells) The Entertainer
1974-04-16/17 Moody The Entertainer
1974-04-16/17 I Got Rhythm The Entertainer
1974-04-16/17 Midnight At The Oasis The Entertainer
1974-04-16/17 1,2,3,4 The Entertainer
1974-04-16/17 Bend Me, Shape Me The Entertainer
1974-04-16/17 The Entertainer The Entertainer
1974-04-16/17 I'm Gonna Go Fishin' The Entertainer
1974-04-16/17 What'll I Do The Entertainer
1973-08/09 Corazón Corazón
1973-08/09 Beautiful Obsession Corazón
1973-08/09 Enter The Dragon Corazón
1973-08/09 Someone Who Cares Corazón
1973-08/09 Vado Via Corazón
1973-08/09 Crunchy Granola Suite Corazón
1973-08/09 My Heart Cries For You Corazón
1973-08/09 Pata Pata Corazón
1973-08/09 When I Fall In Love Corazón
1973-08/09 First Light Corazón
1973-04 My Love My Love
1973-04 You Are The Sunshine Of My Life My Love
1973-04 Peaceful My Love
1973-04 Sing My Love
1973-04 The Twelfth Of Never My Love
1973-04 Kodachrome My Love
1973-04 Pillow Talk My Love
1973-04 And I Love Her So My Love
1973-04 The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia My Love
1973-04 Killing Me Softly With Her Song My Love
1973-04 Viva Vivaldi My Love
1973-01-05 I Can See Clearly Now Clair
1973-01-05 2001 (Also Sprach Zarathustra) Clair
1973-01-05 Nights In White Satin Clair
1973-01-05 Summer Breeze Clair
1973-01-05 Super Fly Clair
1973-01-05 Happy (Love Theme from "Lady Sings The Blues") Clair
1973-01-05 We Were Havin' Some Fun At The Conservatory, When... Clair
1973-01-05 Dueling Banjos (from the original soundtrack of "Deliverance") Clair