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The Latin Carnival - Solamente Una Vez

The Latin Carnival - Solamente Una Vez

  1. Andalucía (The Breeze And I)
  2. Estrellita (My Little Star)
  3. Solamente Una Vez (You Belong In To My Heart)
  4. Mexican Hat Dance
  5. La Paloma (The Dove)
  6. Begin The Beguine
  7. Nightingale
  8. The Lonely Bull
  9. Delicado
  10. Granada
  11. Jamaican Rhumba
  12. Marta
  13. Mama Inez
  14. La Cumparsa
  15. Danza Negra
  16. Adios


CD: Sony FDPA 23 (Japan)

About This Album

This is one disc of a 1989 series titled The Latin Carnival. There were at least seven other titles in the collection by artists such as Trio Los Panchos, Perez Prado and Xavier Cugat plus several various-artists compilations featuring Tangos, Bossa Nova and other Latin songs.