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Almost ready for testing!

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Submitted by Doug Mitchell on Mon, 2015-11-30 12:34

Back in October, I entered all the Percy Faith commercially available recordings except backings for other artists. The list does yet not include radio shows or special recordings intended for broadcast only. I've attempted to create a list of "original" albums — where each album contains the first appearance of at least one recording on Lp — and have linked recordings to them. Note that my list differs a bit from Alan Bunting's. I include Percy Faith's Greatest Hits as it features the first arrangement of "Song From Moulin Rouge," "Till," and "Swedish Rhapsody" which were not on other Percy Faith Lps. Likewise, Alan lists some items that I don't, although some will be featured when I catalog all of the backings for other artists.

Every recording has fields for the recording date (as accurate as I can get them), catalog numbers for the single releases, YouTube audio recordings, etc. I'll slowly populate some of these fields (such as the 45s and 78s) as time permits. So far I've linked up about 350 recordings to YouTube videos and will continue to add more. I'm also linking certain recordings to one another (e.g. multiple arrangements of the same song).

My current project is to finish the Facebook single sign-on so that users can create accounts, post comments and provide ratings for various recordings, albums and compact disc releases — similar to Amazon reviews. I'm designing this feature with Conniff in mind as he has a large Facebook audience.

I'll share the test site with Manfred Thönicke and a few other fans for testing and feedback before making the production site available.