PERCY FAITH related items from my scrapbook (click item to view)

Letter to PERCY FAITH and his answers (I wrote and left spaces in the letter for his answers) (added 7/16/2018)

Marilyn Faith Leonard's beautiful handwriting (I think article appeared in a PF Society Newsletter)

Letter to Columbia expressing my dissatisfaction with "16 Most Requested" and the Music of Christmas botched digital remaster (fixed finally in 2017 by Real Gone Music) (needless to say the letter drew no response)

Spring 1974 Concert at Daughters of the Revolution Constitution Hall - The Program (Percy Faith with a band?  No strings?  It happened, see next item for the next year's program (!)

Spring 1975 Concert at Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall (and still no strings 'cept a lone cellist) program

Guest Pass to Reception Line so Hank Steele and I could meet Percy Faith (I took no photos in 1975, as Percy was very ill, but kept working!)

Picture from Percy Faith's "All Time Greatest Hits" album, possibly higher resolution (from a b&w glossy original)

Letter from Mr. Ienner via Mr. Devito (CBS).  His references to "more on the way" told me nothing.  I did speak with Mike Berniker a few times; I don't know this history, but could Mr. Berniker have joined Collectables?  That's where I remember talking to him.  Eternal confusion!  On the phone, Mr. Berniker advised that he was juggling 3 projects and there were no Faith reissues planned (anyone know?  Obviously Nina's Discount Oldies had BIG PLANS).

Leaflet about the May concert tour (1976) where David Rose conducted, 1/2 of the program was a tribute to Percy Faith, 1/2 of the program all David Rose, in fact as I recall all David Rose originals.

Very nice note from Dolly after my visit

1976 Obituary for Percy Faith, (I don't know what newspaper it came from)

Obituary written by Sam Lutz, I have to think this is where the press got their "over 45 albums" (gee) figure.  I "think" Sam Lutz used to be in NYC and then retired to California, but I'm not sure.  I remember when I called his office in the early 80's and spoke to Elaine Shear of his office, they were in New York.

Travel agency printout of my BIG TRIP TO Los Angeles (I think I stayed 6 days??? can't find whole ticket)


coming soon, a few more things including letters from Percy and Marilyn