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November 2012



There's good news and bad news about this 2CD set.

The good news is that it gives us two Faith albums which have not been available on CD for a long time, both from the original master tapes
"Music Of Christmas" and "Hallelujah!" (originally released on CD in 1997 with its 1965 reissue title of "Music Of Christmas Volume 2")

The bad news is that "Music Of Christmas" is re-mastered from the original 1954 MONO recording, not the 1959 stereo one, and "Hallelujah!"
is a re-mastering of the original stereo recording of 1958, not the re-mixed version issued on CD in 1997.   I, and many other Faith aficionados,
 consider this re-mix (which hasn't been in Sony's catalogue for over 10 years) to be superior although others, for whose opinions I have the
greatest respect, prefer the original.  For most people though, simply having this wonderful album available again will be all that matters.

Despite these reservations it is good that what are regarded by many as the finest Christmas music albums ever made are available once more.
As a bonus three of Faith's Christmas singles are included - Sleigh Ride, Christmas In My Heart and Christmas In Killarney.

Real Gone Music

July 2012

Tape Section Update

Thanks to Mike McKenna a substantial number of cassette catalogue numbers have been added to the tape listings.  However, this section is still incomplete and further information would be much appreciated.

June 2012

Bill Halvorsen's Percy Faith Pages

Bill Halvorsen's Percy Faith Pages are back!  For many years they have been a major source of information about Percy Faith with articles, video clips and many other things to delight Faith aficionados. Bill's original pre-computer age listing of Percy's recordings was the inspiration for this Discography and Bill and I have, over the years, had much correspondence.

Bill Halvorsen's Percy Faith Pages

January 2012

A new section "Previously Unissued" has been added.  It lists Columbia recordings made but not issued and recordings made for Voice of America and Armed Forces Radio Service which were never issued commercially. However, some have now appeared on CD and details of these are given.

November 2011

It has been a long time since I did any serious updating but a recent e-mail from Volker Rippe pointing out a number of errors and typos and asking several questions prompted me to take action.

Apart from incorporating Volker's suggestions in the Albums, Singles and Original Titles sections I have also updated the CD Tracks listing to include all of the Collectables CDs.

Percy Faith's Christmas Albums

"Hallelujah" (later known as "Music Of Christmas Volume Two") was re-issued on CD by Sony back in the 1990s but was only available for one season, unlike "Music Of Christmas Volume One" and "Christmas Is", both of which are relatively easy to find. Now Guild have released "Christmas Celebration" (GLCD 5185) which contains 7 tracks from "Hallelujah" as well as 2 from "Music Of Christmas" plus tracks from the Christmas albums of Billy Vaughn, George Melachrino, The Boston Pops, Mantovani and Wally Stott.

To find out more about this and other CDs in The Golden Age Of Light Music series go to my ABCD Enterprises pages.

Guild CDs are available world-wide via Amazon and other sellers but the easiest (and cheapest) way of obtaining them is direct from Guild

Percy Faith's recordings for ‘Voice Of America’ and ‘Armed Forces Radio Service’

During the 1950s Percy made many recordings for use by VOA and AFRS.  Most of these were identical to his commercial recordings but many were of titles he never recorded commercially, or different arrangements of commercial recordings.  None of these were ever available to the public but now some of them have been issued by Guild Music in their "Golden Age Of Light Music" series of CDs.

So far 12 of the titles never recorded commercially have appeared on two Guild CDs 

On Volume One
Balboa Barcarolle (Vernon Duke); La Bamba De Vera Cruz - Mexican Dance (Traditional); Ragging The Scales (Edward B. Claypole)

On Volume Two
April Showers ("Bombo") (Louis Silvers; Buddy De Sylva); Deep Blues (from Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra)(Elie Siegmeister) featuring VINCENT J. ABATO (clarinet); Falling In Love With Love ("The Boys From Syracuse") (Rodgers; Hart); Hoedown (from "Rodeo" Suite) (Aaron Copland); In The Still Of The Night ("Rosalie") (Cole Porter); Night Creature (Edward 'Duke' Ellington) featuring DUKE ELLINGTON (piano); Pavanne (Morton Gould); The Very Thought Of You (Ray Noble); Why Do I Love You ("Show Boat") (Jerome Kern; Oscar Hammerstein II)

To find out more about these and other CDs in The Golden Age Of Light Music series go to my ABCD Enterprises pages.

Guild CDs are available world-wide via Amazon and other sellers but the easiest (and cheapest) way of obtaining them is direct from Guild

Taragon have deleted 2 Percy Faith CDs from their catalogue

The following are no longer in the Taragon catalogue:

TARCD 1074 - Malaguena

TARCD 1076 - Viva + Exotic Strings

If you don't already have Taragon's other Faith CDs you should obtain them before they too are deleted.

TARCD 1075 - South Pacific + The Sound Of Music

TARCD 1078 - Continental Music + Romantic Music

TARCD 1105  - Football Songs

TARCD 1106 - Koga Melodies + Ryoichi Hattori Melodies

If you haven't yet obtained this essential collection then immediate action is required!!

Sanctuary Group, the company behind the Living Era label, was bought in 2007 by Universal who have now closed down the record side of the business and deleted the entire Living Era catalogue. Copies of this 2 CD set are now very hard to find


This 2CD set contains all the commercial recordings Percy Faith made before he joined Columbia, plus a number of his early recordings for this label including a stunning composite version of “The Song From Moulin Rouge” which combines the Felicia Fanders vocal with the extended orchestral arrangement. This is the first and only time that his Decca, Majestic and RCA recordings have been available on CD. Track Listings in CD section.

My thanks to all those who have contacted me to say how much they have enjoyed and appreciated this collection.

This project was very much a labour of love and is my own personal tribute to the maestro. All the titles were taken from my own collection and restored to a very high standard using CEDAR and other processes.

Some of my restorations from this collection have been "stolen" and issued without my permission by at least two other companies so, although I deplore the blatant theft of my work, these CDs are now the only way to obtain at least some of these early Faith tracks.

Delta Extra 26517 "The Percy Faith Orchestra" is a mixture of orchestral and vocal tracks.

"Silver Strings" - part of "The Soho Collection" - is a 3CD set from Union Square Music featuring several orchestras.

A number of people who have bought and enjoyed DELICADO have asked if I have done the restoration and re-mastering for any other light music CDs. The answer is "yes" and, for those who want to know what they are many of them are shown elsewhere on this site.

ABCD Enterprises 

In the "Original Albums" section most recording dates and venues have been added.

Much of this information is thanks to Michel Ruppli and Ed Novitsky

Japanese Re-issues of single albums during 2007

During 2007 Sony Music Entertainment in Japan re-issued a number of Faith albums as Limited Edition single CDs in cardboard sleeves carrying the original LP art work. They were advertised as "DSD Re-mastered", whatever that means, and some of them, rather strangely, contained the same album twice, once in stereo and then the same tracks repeated in mono.

As I saw little point in paying the high costs of these if one already had the Collectables and Taragon versions which were re-mastered from the original American master tapes, I have not heard any of them, although a friend in Japan tells me that the two or three he purchased sound very good indeed - better in his opinion than previous CD issues.

11 complete albums were issued (MHCP 1264 to 1274) plus one which contained the soundtrack of "The April Fools" which, of course, has several Faith tracks. All but this one have had their details added in the CD section under Sony Japan and in the CD Tracks section but all but one appear to have been deleted as at August 2011.  

With one exception, EVERY commercial album recorded by Percy Faith has now been released on CD and, until recently, all were still in the catalogues.

The exception is a 2LP set recorded "live" in Japan "THE GREAT CONCERT". As this contains no original material, and both recording and performances are inferior to the studio albums, this is no great loss and I do not envisage that anyone will consider it worth re-issuing.

As well as his albums, almost every commercial single he made is also available now on CD, together with many additional tracks never previously issued on either singles or albums - I can think of no other orchestra leader with such comprehensive CD coverage

When stocks run out, as has already happened with the Taragon CDs mentioned above,  I doubt if any of them will be re-pressed so I suggest that, to avoid disappointment, you order those you don't have while you can.



 Made in the 1970s exclusively for Japan and never issued in the USA (although KOGA MELODIES had a limited LP release in Europe) these are the two rarest and most sought-after Faith albums. Shown above are the beautiful gatefold sleeves of the original LPs, reproduced 8" x 4" size in the fold-out booklet which was written by yours truly.

I spent much time over the years trying to persuade someone to re-issue these two wonderful albums on CD and it eventually became a reality. It had been thought that copyright and other problems would prevent it ever happening but, thanks to the efforts of Eliot Goshman of Taragon Records and Jeff James of Sony BMG Music Entertainment (with a little encouragement from me!), both albums are now available for the world to hear on one wonderful CD.

I do urge you to purchase this CD. As many people have asked me, I should point out that the music is not particularly "oriental" sounding - indeed, much of it could well have been written by any of the great American song writers and, as always, Percy's orchestrations are superb.

Both albums utilise the full Percy Faith Orchestra - Koga Melodies sounds more like "traditional" Faith while Ryoichi Hattori Melodies, dating from 1972, has more of the the later "modern" Faith sound. Neither album features voices of any kind.

I can't believe that after more than 20 years of searching I still don't have a copy of the original 45 single issue of The Virginian backed with Kurt Weill's Theme From Mahagonny on US Columbia 4-42979. Not only that, I don't know anyone who has ever seen this single  so, if you have a copy, or can prove it ever existed, please let me know - even if you don't wish to part with it!


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