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Latest Update - January 2012

In addition to those in the main Discography, Percy Faith made hundreds of other recordings, never commercially available until a few appeared recently on CD. They range from unissued Columbia ones, through those made for Voice Of America and the Armed Forces Radio Service, to those of his Canadian and American radio broadcasts.

The Columbia titles were never issued while he was alive and the others were transcription discs, only available to professional users such as broadcasting organisations and the armed forces.

Compiling a complete listing of these recordings is an almost impossible task so this section lists only those I know of that are in the Columbia archives and on Voice Of America PO series transcription discs.  A listing of his radio programmes is ‘work in progress’ and I will be happy to send what information I have to anyone interested.

Those that are now available on CD are shown in blue, together with the appropriate CD reference

Recording dates are given where known.

Thanks to Ed Novitsky & Michel Ruppli for most of the Columbia information

Previously unissued Columbia recordings

Bamba, La (19th October 1964) (HCO 72064) (Columbia Singles Volume 3)

Been To Canaan (5th January 1973) (HCO 116644)

Come Home (22nd March 1951) (CO 45172) (Columbia Singles Volume 1)

Delicado (12th January 1976) (HCO 123955) (presumably a "Disco" version)

Do I Need You? (20th September 1957) (CO 59859) (Columbia Singles Volume 2)

El Cumbanchero (25th April 1966) (HCO 87787)  (Master may no longer exist)

El Salon Mexico (7th September 1973) (HCO 117496)

Elephant and the Chimp, The (14th February 1963) (HCO 71189) (Columbia Singles Vol. 3)

Everybody Loves Leona ("Do I Hear A Waltz?) (15th February 1965) (HCO 72380)

Get It (While The Getting's Good) (24th October 1974) (HCO 119679)

Glass Mountain, The (30th December 1965) (HCO 87654) (May be alternate take of 87651 or 87653) 

Judy (13th February 1964) (HCO 71714) (May be alternate take of 71715) 

Light, The (9th April 1973) (HCO 116923)

Loveliest Girl I Know, The (with Chorus) (14th July 1950) (CO 44109) (Columbia Singles Volume 1)

Perhaps ("Do I Hear A Waltz?") (16th February 1965) (HCO 72390)

Perpetual Notion (2nd arrangement) (14th February 1963) (HCO 71191) (Columbia Singles Volume 3)

Sabre Dance (15th April 1975 / 12th January 1976) (HCO 122453 & HCO 123956) (Disco Party - Bonus Track - not sure which version)

Strangers In The Night (14th February 1967) (HCO 92102) (Columbia Singles Volume 3)

Two By Two ("Do I Hear A Waltz?) (16th February 1965) (HCO 72387)

Who Will I Be Loving Now? (24th October 1974) (HCO 119678)

Who's Afraid? (13th February) 1967) (HCO 92026) (Columbia Singles Volume 3)

There are other unissued recordings in the Columbia archives but, so far as I am aware, they are alternate takes of  issued titles.

The Voice Of America recordings fall into three categories:

                    1. Recordings unique to VOA.  These are titles he never recorded commercially, some of which
                        feature soloists who were under contract to companies other than Columbia and with whom he
                        would not have recorded without the special agreements pertaining to VOA and AFRS recordings.

                   2. Alternative versions of titles issued by Columbia (and probably recorded by them) but using
                       slightly different arrangements e.g. with a chorus or featuring different solo instruments.

                   3. Dubs of original recordings made and issued by Majestic, RCA and Columbia.

VOA : "Unique" Recordings on PO series 16" Transcription Discs

Alone Together ('Flying Colours' 1932) (Trumpet Solo) (PO 86) (1948)

Alone Together ('Flying Colours' 1932) (Extended Version) (PO 30) (1948)

April Showers (PO 98) (1948) (Guild GLCD 5181)

Balboa Barcarolle (PO 125) (Guild GLCD 5174)

Bamba De Vera Cruz, La - Mexican Dance (PO 88) (1947) (Guild GLCD 5174)

Blue Room ('The Girl Friend' 1926) (PO 98) (1948)

Blue Skies (PO 110) (1948)

Charmaine ('What Price Glory?') (PO 95)

Deep Blues from Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra (Elie Siegmiester) (PO 87) (1955/6) (Soloist Vincent J Abato) (Guild GLCD 5181)

Emperor Waltz (PO 32 & 138) (1948)

Falling In Love With Love (PO 31 & 86) (1947 or 1950) (Guild GLCD 5181)

Faust Waltzes (PO 121)

Fiddle Faddle (with Wordless Chorus) (PO 106) (1948)

Gina ('Bread Love And Dreams') (with Richard Hayman - Harmonica) (PO 117)

Gypsy Airs (Abridged) Live performance (PO 32) (1947)

Happy Whistler, The (with Florian Zabach - Violin) (PO 95)

Hoedown (from 'Rodeo' Suite) (PO 95) (Guild GLCD 5181)

I Can't Get Started With You ('Ziegfeld Follies Of 1936') (with Sax Solo) (PO 103) (1948)

I Can't Get Started With You ('Ziegfeld Follies Of 1936') (with Piano solo) (PO 84) (1948)

In The Still Of The Night (PO 29) (1948) (Guild GLCD 5181)

Irish Washerwoman (PO 105)

Just One Of Those Things ('Jubilee' 1935) (PO 93) (1947 or 1948)

Night Creature (with Duke Ellington - Piano) (PO 80) (Guild GLCD 5181)

No Tickey, No Cha Cha + Meringue Le Monde + Tico Tico (with Ethel Smith - Organ) (PO 124)

Oodles Of Noodles (with Jimmy Abato - Alto Sax) (PO 96) (1949)

Operation Mambo (with Alec Templeton - Piano) (PO 95)

Our Love Is Here To Stay (with Lionel Hampton - Vibes) (PO 125)

Out Of My Dreams ('Oklahoma!') (PO 28 & PO 111) (1947 or 1949)

Parrot, The (Brazilian Samba) (PO 31) (1947)

Pavanne (PO 96) (Guild GLCD 5181)

Penthouse Serenade (PO 102) (1948)

Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody, A (PO 140) (1947 or 1948)

Ragging The Scales (PO 104) (Guild GLCD 5174)

Sabre Dance (with Ferrante & Teicher - Pianos) (PO 124)

Sometimes I'm Happy ('Hit The Deck') (PO 125) (1948)

Song Is You, The ('Music In The Air') (Applause at end) (PO 138) (1947 or 1948)

Swannee River + Oh Susannah (Applause at end)  (PO 141) (1947 or 1948)

Tears On Satin (with Richard Hayman - Harmonica) (PO 117)

Tijuana (PO 84) (1948)

Toca Tu (Samba) (PO 32) (1948)

Tricky Didlia (with Chet Baker - Trumpet) (PO 83)

Very Thought Of You, The (PO 28, PO 124 & PO 127) (1947 or 1948) (Guild GLCD 5181)

Why Do I Love You? ('Showboat') (PO 98 & PO 138) (1948) (Guild GLCD 5181)

Why Was I Born? ('Sweet Adeline' 1929) (PO 105) (1948)

Wine, Women And Song (PO 94)

You And The Night And The Music ('Revenge With Music') (PO 90) (1947)

You Were Meant For Me (PO 106) (1948)

You'd Be So Easy To Love (PO 106)

VOA : "Different" arrangements on PO series 16" Transcription Discs

Bess You Is My Woman Now + I Got Plenty O'Nothin' ('Porgy & Bess') (PO 30)

Blue Moon (with Brass and Wordless Chorus) (PO 78)

Dancing On The Ceiling ('Evergreen' 1930) (Same as PO 91 but different balance) (PO 139) 

Dancing On The Ceiling ('Evergreen' 1930) (Same as PO 139 but different balance) (PO 91)

Deep Purple (with Female Solo Voice) (PO 122)

Ebb Tide + Shangri La + Goin' Home Train (with Bobby Maxwell - Harp) (PO 119)

Eleanora - Peruvian Dance (Piano, not Harpsichord) (PO 128)

Embraceable You ('Girl Crazy') (Trumpet Solo Version) (PO 78)

Fascinating Rhythm + Someone To Watch Over Me + Liza (PO 92)

How High The Moon ('Two For The Show') (With Brass w/w & Sax Solo) (PO 128)

How High The Moon ('Two For The Show') (Same as PO 128 different balance) (PO 89) 

I Concentrate On You (with Female Solo Voice) (PO 81)

I Only Have Eyes For You (with Female Solo Voice) (PO 81)

I'll Be Seeing You (PO 87)

I'LL TAKE ROMANCE : Title Song (PO 91)

Joey, Joey, Joey ('The Most Happy Fella') (PO 122)

Jungle Fantasy (Same arrangement as PO 79 but with bird noises) (PO 127)

LAND OF THE PHARAOHS : Title Song (with Wordless Chorus) (PO 83)

LAURA : Theme (With Brass) (PO 122)

Lisa (PO 102)

Love In The Heart Of Paris (As "Heart Of Paris" but Violin not Accordeon) (PO 117) 

Man I Love +I Got Rhythm (Applause at end) (PO 104)

Merry-Go-Round (Complainte De La Butte) (PO 119)

Moritat (Theme from The Threepenny Opera) (No Accordion) (PO 98)

MY FAIR LADY : Medley (PO 111)

My Heart Is So Full Of You + Sposalizio ('The Most Happy Fella') (PO 120)

Night Was Made For Love, The (PO 141)

Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen + Get On Board (PO 91)

Noche Caribe (Caribbean Night)(from 'Starlift') (with Wordless Chorus) (PO 118)

Rainfall (Piano, not Harpsichord as on single) (PO 1030)

Right As The Rain (PO 31)

Slide 'Boy' Slide ('House Of Flowers') (As "House of Flowers" but with Strings) (PO 117)

Sombra (Merveilleux) (Called "Sumbra" on label (PO 126)

Somebody Loves Me ('Scandals Of 1924') (Piano solo) (PO 80)

Speak Low (with Wordless Chorus) (PO 127)

Stardust (PO 141)

S'Wonderful ('Funny Face') (with Wordless Chorus) (PO 121)

Symphony (with Piano Solo and Wordless Chorus) (PO 95)

Touch Of Your Hand, The ('Roberta') (Solo Female Voice instead of oboe solo) (PO 125)

Tropic Holiday (PO 120)

Way You Look Tonight, The (PO 30)

What Is This Thing Called Love? ('Wake Up And Dream') (PO 140)

Where Or When ('Babes In Arms') (with Wordless Chorus) (PO 89)

VOA : Commercial recordings on PO series 16" Transcription Discs

All Through The Night ('Rosalie') (PO 105)

Amorada (Brasileirinho) (PO 103)

Ba Tu Ca Da  (Same arrangement as PO 90 but very different balance) (PO 29)

Ba Tu Ca Da  (Same arrangement as PO 29 but very different balance) (PO 90)

Baby Doll (PO 124)

Baia (Na Baixa Do Sapateiro) (PO 93)

Bamboo Cage (Smellin' Of Vanilla) ('House Of Flowers') (PO 89)

Bandit, The (O Cangaceiro) (PO 92)

Begin The Beguine (with Carmen Cavallaro - Piano) (Doesn't sound like Faith!) (PO 118)

Begin The Beguine (PO 92)

Bim! Bam!! Boom!!! (PO 30 & 140)

Blue Bell (Polka) (PO 128)

Body And Soul (PO 83)

Brazilian Sleighbells (PO 81)

Carefree (PO 82)

Carmellita (PO 104)

CAROUSEL : Carousel Waltzes (PO 82)

Cumana (PO 93)

Cumbanchero, El (PO 90)

Dancing In The Dark (PO 32)

Dizzy Fingers (with Wordless Chorus) (PO 88)

Don't Cry ('The Most Happy Fella') (PO 121)

Don't Forget (Non Dimenticar) (from film 'Anna') (PO 87)

Embraceable You ('Girl Crazy') (Same as PO 84 but with intro & different balance) (PO 31)

Embraceable You ('Girl Crazy') (Same as PO 31 but no intro & different balance) (PO 84)

Estrellita + Zandungo (PO 123)

Fate ('Kismet') (PO 122)

Fiddling Bullfighter, The (PO 79)

Flight 33 1/3 (PO 85)

Funny Fellow (Bicharada) (Much faster than on Columbia DELICADO album) (PO 80)

Funny Fellow (Bicharada) (Called "The Barnyard" on label) (PO 98)

Gay Spirits (Wrongly labelled - actually conducted by David Rose) (PO 126)

Girl That I Marry, The ('Annie Get Your Gun') (PO 93)

Hey, Jose (PO 121)

Holiday For Trombones (wrongly labelled - actually conducted by David Rose) (PO 111)

How Beautiful The Days ('The Most Happy Fella') (PO 110)

I Could Have Danced All Night ('My Fair Lady') (PO 103)

I Got Plenty O'Nuttin' ('Porgy And Bess') (PO 80)

I Never Has Seen Snow ('House Of Flowers') (PO 94)

I Saw You Well, You Rascal You (Atrevido) (PO 28)

I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy ('South Pacific') (PO 29)

I've Told Every Little Star (PO 28 & 96)

If I Loved You ('Carousel') (with Wordless Chorus) (PO 110)

Jamaican Rhumba (PO 77)

Jungle Fantasy  (Same arrangement as PO 127 but no bird noises) (PO 79)

LADY BE GOOD : Oh Lady Be Good (PO 104)

Last Dance, The (Orchestral version) (PO 121)

Madeira  (Spelt 'Madira' on label) (PO 102)

Mademoiselle De Paree (PO 89)

Man I Love, The (PO 77)

Mer, La (Beyond The Sea) (with Wordless Chorus) (Different balance) (PO 85)

Mexican Hat Dance (Jarabe Tapatio) (PO 81)

Minute Samba, The (PO 84)

More Than You Know ('Great Day' 1929) (PO 96)

Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The ('Jumbo') (PO 78)

MOULIN ROUGE : The Song From (Extended Orchestral Version) (PO 119)

Namely You + Oh Happy Day (Li'l Abner) (PO 120)

Nearness Of You, The (PO 90)

Nervous Gavotte (PO 85)

Night Of My Nights ('Kismet') (PO 117)

Nightingale (PO 94 & 139)

Not Since Ninevah ('Kismet') (PO 77)

Oye Negra (PO 87 & 111)

Peanut Vendor, The (El Manisero) (PO 105)

Perpetual Motion (Title as on disc - not 'Notion' as RCA single) (PO 86)

Petite (Mon Petite Monde a Moi) (PO 82)

Portugese Washerwomen, The (Les Lavandieres du Portugal) (PO 110)

River, The (PO 128)

Ronde, La (Love's Roundabout) (PO 92)

Soft Lights And Sweet Music ('Face The Music') (PO 83)

Solitude (PO 85)

Someone To Watch Over Me ('Oh Kay') (PO 123)

Sophisticated Lady (PO 104 & 139)

Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year (PO 106)

Swedish Rhapsody (Midsummer Vigil) (PO 118)

Tambora (Merengue) (PO 91)

Temptation (PO 94)

That Old Black Magic  (Different balance) (PO 88)

Touch Of Your Hand, The ('Roberta') (PO 29 & 141)

Tropical Merengue (PO 86)

Under The Bridges Of Paris (Sous Les Ponts Du Paris) (PO 127)

Vagabond King Waltzes, The (PO 123)

Waltz In Swingtime  (Same as PO 29 but includes intro.) (PO 126)

Waltz In Swingtime  (Same as PO 126 but intro edited out.) (PO 29)

What Is This Thing Called Love? ('Wake Up And Dream') (PO 79)

While We're Young (PO 82)

Wouldn't It Be Loverly ('My Fair Lady') (PO 126)

You're Mine, You (PO 88)


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