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Percy Faith sites removed

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Submitted by Doug Mitchell on Fri, 2021-07-23 19:40

I'm very sorry to report that Bill Halvorsen has opted not to renew the contract with his hosting provider and has removed his Percy Faith Pages. Likewise, it appears that The Percy Faith Discography, compiled by the late Alan Bunting, is also no longer available.

These sites were invaluable to me as I was discovering Percy Faith's music. Bill is a hard-core fan; he published The Percy Faith Newsletter (a fan magazine), visited with Dolly and Marilyn at Percy's home, and was instrumental getting much of the Percy Faith catalog reissued on compact disc. Alan Bunting painstakenly documented every Percy Faith recording and worked to preserve many of Percy's early works. His site became the basis for this site.

Although I hope to continue to expand this site with more photos, recording details and factual details, I'll never be able to provide the insightful commentary that Bill provided on his. I'm already feeling the loss of his great site.

October 19 update: I've posted a snapshot of Alan's site at

November 12 update: Bill has migrated his site to

The Percy Faith Pages Alan Bunting's Percy Faith Discography