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Clair & Joy deleted from Dutton Vocalion catalog

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Submitted by admin on Tue, 2019-10-01 20:11

Percy Faith SACD: Clair & JoyDutton Vocalion's December 2017 quadraphonic reissue of Clair & Joy is already out of print. It appeared on their "low stock" list in September but has now been removed from their site entirely. The "surround sound" audience is a bit of a niche market so the production runs are likely small. Hardcore fans should purchase copies of Chinatown & Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet and New Thing & Black Magic Woman while they are still available. Here are quad samples of tracks from the now-deleted SACD:

Title song from the album Clair (first half rear channels, second half front channels):

"Theme From Shaft" from the album Joy (first half rear channels, second half front channels):