BBC Radio 2 from August, 2000:  THE ARRANGERS, this show featured memories of PERCY FAITH


This radio program was a great tribute to Percy Faith, and through many transcontinental telephone calls, I think you'll agree that it is a very fine half-hour.

The producer of the series, "The Arrangers," contacted me (!) and Alan Bunting (BBC producer Lynsey Moyes).  Lynsey attempted to secure "studio time" so that I could be interviewed, but for the betterment of the show, the arrangement could not be made.  More specifically I refused to go into downtown Washington, DC and my voice should never ever be heard on the radio.  Fortunately my great friend Alan Bunting of Scotland did a splendid job with his contribution of excellent conversation and knowledge with the show's host.  Alan brought with him some of Percy Faith talking on tape from material I had provided centuries ago (more or less) and this was very effectively included.  The part that I'm most proud of is that I was asked if I could provide some material for the program.  I burned up the phone lines to Encino, California and Marilyn Leonard agreed to be on the show!  Next I called Mitch Miller in New York, and he agreed to participate in this tribute as well!  The BBC dispatched interviewers armed with recording equipment to Marilyn's home as well as that of Mitch Miller, and the result is a wonderful tribute.

Alan provided some "local flavor" with a local radio news broadcast (in case you think I linked to the wrong item, which is very easy to do as broken as my old Frontpage editor software is...  after the news and a BBC Radio 2 station ID we get right to the program.

This should stream on most ISDN and definitely cable connections, but if not, right-click and "save as" - it's about 30 megabytes, and then enjoy.  Click below to hear this most interesting program.


BBC Radio 2 THE ARRANGERS - Percy Faith