Marpet Music was formed by Percy Faith and his son Peter; it was essentially the publishing company for Percy Faith's original compositions.   Peter also ran a very successful artists' agency, the Peter Faith Agency, that brought the finest musicians together with the film companies.  The name Marpet?   Of course, MARilyn and PETer!!!

This letter brought some great news.   The orchestra&chorus was at last jettisoned, and Percy won some awards for what was to follow - he received an international projects award for KOGA MELODIES, an instrumental album of the music of Japanese composer Masao Koga, which was distributed via CBS/Sony to Japan and the Netherlands, but not to the United States.  Also in 1970 he received an award for the best instrumental project - THE BEATLES ALBUM.  Several instrumental albums were to follow; still heavy with pop/rock influence, still with some great arrangements.  Percy had a great deal of trouble finding music he wanted to record during this era, and worked extensively with Ted Glasser, whose assistance brought us some very fine tunes in the period from 1970-76.

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