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Dolly Faith and Bill

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Percy Faith's office: scrapbooks that chronicle his career are shown  Marilyn and I are working to capture and preserve these as they are quite fragile.

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This picture shows one of the walls in Percy's office where more of his awards can be seen.  The three 12" Lp Gold Awards are for VIVA!, Bouquet, and Themes for Young Lovers.  The 45's are Delicado, Moulin Rouge, and Swedish Rhapsody.  As I had mentioned in the first page, the labels on the Gold Record awards are incorrect for the era in which they were awarded (the yellow-gold on the singles versus the original dark gold against dark red backgrounds and the "Columbia Eyes" with "Stereo Fidelity" arrows on the Lp's);the originals were stolen in a break-in and Columbia could not reproduce them.

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The dining room at the Faith home

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Now here is a picture that puts things in perspective: the Washington Monument in the background, Toshaiki Sato, of the Percy Faith Society of Japan, and Bill Halvorsen.  Bill is 5' 2" and Sato-San was very tall!

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Some Percy Faith treasures in Marilyn's collection; a photo album, several open reels, singles, Ep's (on the stop is "Magic Voices"), the boxed sets for AMERICAN WALTZES and the RCA Ep collection we hear on Lp as "Soft LIghts and Sweet Music" (the RCA boxed set includes the Faith original PERPETUAL NOTION not heard on the Lp), the 10" MUSIC FROM HOLLYWOOD, and in the center the 78 rpm set, Percy Faith on Majestic Records.

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