I took the following Polaroid photos in the spring of 1991.

Dolly Faith

dfaith.jpg (20117 bytes)

Mrs. Faith is pictured above on typically beautiful spring day on the back patio of the home she shared with Percy Faith since they first moved to California in 1959. 

patio.jpg (20882 bytes)

This is a view from the Faith living room looking out on the patio.

bouquet.jpg (18347 bytes)

This is one of Percy Faith's "Gold Record" albums, BOUQUET, from 1959.  Perfectionists will note that the label on the record is not consistent with that of Columbia's designs of the time (1959).  The Faith's home was burglarized and the original gold record awards were stolen/damaged.  Columbia replaced them, although they could not reproduce the "red black and white stereo fidelity" labels in use at the time the award was originally given.

percydolly.jpg (18437 bytes)

Drawings of Percy and Dolly from many years ago

percyfaithgravemarker.jpg (94686 bytes)peterfaithgravemarker.jpg (61764 bytes)

Percy Faith and son Peter Faith's graves at Hillside Memorial Park in Culver City, California.  While it doesn't show in this photo, below his name there is a musical staff (treble clef with notes)

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