From Musicmakers of Network Radio: 24 Entertainers,

19261962 2012 Jim Cox by permission of McFarland & Company, Inc., Box 611, Jefferson

NC 28640.


Since I had to scan this chapter from a thick paperback book, not wanting to tear out the pages (it cost me $50 at the time I bought it) the edges are blurry but hopefully you have a .pdf reader that will let you see it in a scale large enough to make it legible.  One of these pages is only a paragraph, because it originally contained a picture of Percy Faith and I was not granted permission to reproduce it.

It's great reading including a lot about the early years, and radio shows in great detail - great research.  Reproduced (I tried, without destroying the book...) with permission from Jim Cox/McFarland & Company.

UPDATE - thanks to Bob Bybee my irrational 10-separate-page-scan, thanks to a less than 3-year old HP scanner (all-in-one printer) going flaky, the article is now a single page!  Click the link below to enjoy!

Musicmakers of Network Radio by Jim Cox, a chapter about PERCY FAITH