This site provides an interactive discography to the recorded works of Percy Faith.

The postings below highlight much of the changes over the past couple of years, including a remastered and expanded edition of Music of Christmas and the release of another SACD containing the quadraphonic mixes of the albums Clair and Joy. Most recently, in March 2018 Sony Japan reissued Disco Party and Summer Place '76.

Full audio is available for more than 800 recordings. They can be played in the United States but are not available in all countries. Sony Music owns and provides most of the recordings so I don't know why they restrict access to certain countries. Also, it seems whenever they refresh their content the old links stop working. The Mahalia Jackson recordings were refreshed last year so the old YouTube links no longer work. I'll fix them shortly.

All of Percy Faith's recordings as a solo artist were added in late 2015. I plan to import all of his backings for other artists (e.g. Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett) during the summer of 2018.

Posted on Mon, 2015-11-30 12:34

All of Percy Faith's commercially available recordings — except backings for other artists — are published on the site and are linked to their original albums, compact discs and even YouTube videos. Currently testing Facebook single-sign on and other features...

Posted on Sat, 2015-10-10 18:53

While prototyping some ideas for my Ray Conniff site, I was inspired by a document on Bill Halvorsen’s site...